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Latest RX:
HF 20m, 14.230 MHz
VHF 2m, 144.500 MHz
dSSTV (1)
HF 40m, 7.058 MHz
HF 80m, 3.730 MHz
VHF 2m, 144.8875 MHz (PI3DFT SSTV repeater Den Haag)
dSSTV (2)
HF 40m, 7.058 MHz

PD3ADN, UHF: Diamond A430S10, VHF: Diamond A144S5 !
1 Feb 2015

I installed an UHF antenna, Diamond A430S10 - 10 elements Yagi, vertical with the VHF antenna, Diamond A144s05 - 5 elements Yagi on rotor.
Connected on the antennas side with the Diamond MX-72H duplexer to 1 coax cable.

Results are better then with the Diamond X50 but clearly less good then the A430S15 !
But i will enjoy trying it out further in the weeks to come :)

Type:Yagi, 10 elements
Frequency:430-440 MHz
Gain:13.1 dBi
Radius:50 degrees
Front-back:15 dB
SWR:lower then 1.3:1
Weight:0.64 kg
Length:1190 x 370 x 94 mm
Max Wind Res.:80 MPH

Type:Yagi, 5 elements
Frequency:144-148 MHz
Gain:9.1 dBi
Radius:50 degrees
Front-back:14 dB
Weight:0.81 kg
Length:1090 x 950 x 94 mm
Max Wind Res.:? MPH


* Duplexer HF/144/430MHz .
* Model MX-72H .
* Passband width LPF:1.6 to 30MHz/140 to 150MHz.
* HPF:400 to 460MHz .
* Power rating 1.6 to 30MHz:400W(CW)/1kW(PEP) .
* 140 to 150MHz:150W(CW)/400W(PEP) .
* 400 to 460MHz:100W(CW)/250W(PEP) .
* Insertion loss LPF: Less than 0.15dB.
* HPF: Less than 0.25dB .
* Isolation LPF: More than 60dB .
* Impedance 50ohms .
* VSWR Less than 1.2:1 .
* Connector M-P .
* (144)M-P (so239).
* (430)N-P .
* Coaxial cable 5D-2VS(35cm) .

My other antenna's are:
UHF: Diamond A144S15, vertical
VHF/UHF: Diamond X50N, vertical
HF 20m: MFJ-1772 Folded dipole as Inverted V

PD3ADN, UHF: Diamond A430S15 !
3 Oct 2014

I installed an UHF antenna, Diamond A430S15 - 15 elements Yagi, in an fixed vertical position.
I am somewhat disappointed with the results from my Diamond X50N vertical, so i wanted to try out this aerial.
I already could hear stations that are not picked-up by the X50.
Though because of its very narrow angle i hear other stations/repeaters weaker.
Is a station s++ in one direction. Only turning the aerial about 10 degrees drops the s point already to S8.
But i will enjoy trying it out further in the weeks to come :)

Type:Yagi, 15 elements
Frequency:430-440 MHz
Gain:14.8 dBi
Radius:~1390 mm
Front-back:better then 14 dB
SWR:lower then 1.4:1
Weight:0.97 kg
Length:2245 x 370 x 73 mm
Max Wind Res.:0.11 m2

My other antenna's are:
VHF/UHF: Diamond X50N, vertical
HF 20m: MFJ-1772 Folded dipole as Inverted V
HF RX: Original PA0RDT Mini-Whip

PD3ADN, (e)QSL !
17 June 2014

Radio listners, near or far, please send your reception reports to:

It is also possible to send an eQSL card, which will always be replied!

PD3ADN, Registered & active !
4 June 2014

Exam done on Fri 23rd of May 2014, 2nd group, in Vlaardingen, NL
PD3ADN is registered since June 5th 2014
Officialy active since June 17th 2014 when the AT-license-card has been delivered !

QTH: Loosduinen, The Hague, The Netherlands
(on the west side of The Hague, ~1 km from the Northsea)

Active in SSTV, BPSK31 and JT65 modes see logbook !

Join the IRC Live CHAT
or connect with a program like mIRC to
server: irc.pd3adn.nl
port: 6667
channel: #HAM

Latest APRS track:

QTH Loosduinen (Base)
Locator: JO22cb
CQ Zone: 14
ITU Zone: 27

QTH Zoetermeer
Locator: JO22gb

Join the Facebook group:
SSTV 20m 14.230 MHz HAM


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